Where morning dawns and evening fades
we bring our songs of joy:
A rising note across the generations.
Though sin condemned us you forgive
and welcome us back home:
O God our Saviour, hope of all the nations.

You dress the hills in gold and green
You still the raging seas:
the whole creation wonders at your glory.
From all the corners of this earth
you call your children home
and then invite us all to sing your story.

You do this! You do all this!
We owe you praise for you do this.
You do this.
What can we bring but hearts of love
For you do this.
You do this.

O visit earth once more, we pray,
refresh us with your grace:
the streams of God are filled with living water.
Renew your Church for works of love:
a place of living hope
with room to spare for all your sons and daughters.

You do this… 
(repeat chorus)
Sung at Romsey Methodist Church

Gareth Hill. Copyright 2017 © Gareth Hill Publishing/Song Solutions CopyCare, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, TN22 1QG www.songsolutions.org

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